Saturday, January 11, 2020


1. What made you join PIBBA?

When I got my job as a Marshallese Language Arts Specialist, PIBBA started to grow in my mind bit by bit. I got involved with PIBBA for the very first time when I went to Kosrae for the 8th Annual PIBBA Conference way back in mid 1988. At this time, Dr. Robert Underwood was the keynote speaker and his speech was so inspiring it got me hooked, and I love my job to this day.

2. How long have you been a member of PIBBA?

I’ve been a member of PIBBA for 21 years, and I feel great for this wonderful opportunity!

3. Has PIBBA made an impact in the Pacific island entities?

I am not sure about the rest of the neighboring entities, but I want to share that RMI started to see the importance of preserving its own culture and language through the same vision and mission shared by PIBBA. To this day, the invigoration of the Marshallese culture and language has been done through many local festivities.

4. Why should others join PIBBA?

I think others should join PIBBA if they want to keep their cultures and languages alive and strong. We, the Pacific people, are seen as special and very unique people in the way we do things differently such as birthday celebrations, burial ceremonies, first born child, respect for the elderly, etc. We need to be together as strong PIBBA families to make PIBBA grow and grow for the sake of our future generations, and they will do likewise.

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